Tilt - Profile

Tilt are Mick Park and Andy Moor... But it wasn't always that way. Back in the day, Tilt originally began with Mick Parks and Mick Wilson, in Coventry, England. The focal point in the early days was a club called Eclipse; the first club in the UK to get a late licence and successfully move the rave ‘indoors’ into the club context that we know today. They became resident dj’s and it was here that they met Sasha, who proved to be a great inspiration for the boys and gave them the confidence to go on and produce their own material. Their work as a duo (Parks and Wilson) has a long and successful history as both DJs and music producers.

They met John Graham, another like-minded Coventrian and set up a band called Tilt in 1993 as a production outfit. They signed to Paul Oakenfold’s Perfecto label and the big break came in 1996 with ‘I Dream’ a top 40 hit in the UK. Other tracks were to follow in the success, such as 'My Spirit' and 'Places' and in 1999 Tilt recorded 'Rendezvous' with Paul Van Dyk. Its inclusion on the record breaking Oakenfold Tranceport US CD brought the sound of Tilt to a North American audience.

The Perfecto deal ran its course and soon they were signed Red Jerry's Hooj Choons, where they had more success; one of the more successful tracks being 'Invisible’ (a tune recorded with Dom Atkins a.k.a. Grace on vocals), which went top 20. More underground tracks such as 'What's This' and 'The Seduction of Orpheus' followed, both of which featured heavilly on dance compilations.

John Graham left Tilt in 2002 to concentrate on his Quivver project and Tilt became a duo again. After leaving Hooj Tilt released two further EPs "Headstrong" and "Left Of Centre" which built on their darker, edgier sound.

Mick Park had done a lot of work with a young producer/dj Andy Moor` who is known for solo work and also for collaborations such as Leama and Moor, Sworn and Whiteroom. The combination of Mick, Mick and Andy worked so they decided to produce more songs together and subsequently the 24 year old joined Tilt. In 2004 they released their debut album "Explorer" on the Lost Language label. It was a great success and spawned three singles; one of the tracks of 2005 The World Doesn't Know, Twelve and New Day.

In 2005 Mick Wilson left Tilt to pursue his band (Broken Dolls) and solo projects, leaving Mick and Andy to carry the Tilt mantle forward